Nick Alfieri CEO

Muay Thai fanatic, love my dogs, my brother, painfully spicy food, and the occasional romantic comedy. Favorite games are Altered Beast, R-Type, and Binding Of Isaac, which I've sunk over 1000 hours into. Formed my first label, Digerati, after learning the ropes at UK publisher Merge Games. Have now assembled a dream team of industry pros to take on the world under the guise of Digital Uppercut.



Battle-scarred veteran of 12 years at Sony 3rd party games evaluation, prior to that survived working for Sega during the Dreamcast era and initially cut my industry teeth on numerous now-defunct PlayStation 1 magazines. The first console I owned played only Pong, such is my advanced age. Pet videogame peeves are other players using auto-aim when I am not, controls you can’t reconfigure and driving assists you can’t switch off.



Cornish, but not related to Aphex Twin. Domestic vegan and recovering cheese addict. Born when disco was big. First gaming machine was the Commodore 64. First gaming job was at Electronics Boutique, shrink-wrapping PC games. Went on to become UK editor of Two of my favourite games start with the letter 'I': Ico and Inside. Once interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto. He was very nice.



Fell in love with games as a kid by way of Link to the Past, Zillion and Phantasy Star. Honours degree in computer science, specialising in human-computer interaction. Joined Microsoft out of school and stayed for 11 years -- earned 50+ patent awards, headed up the concept and envisioning team for Microsoft Azure. Spent the last three years studying design and art, making games and bending Unity to my will.