PayMeToo: Ideas On How To Go Viral On TikTok With A New Account?

PayMeToo Ideas On How To Go Viral On TikTok With A New Account

Are you looking to go viral on TikTok for your new account? Well, TikTok serves as an effective social media platform that everyone becomes curious about. Also, the app experiences massive growth after the lockdowns. It is no longer a platform not only for pre-teens to post dance moves and lip-sync but also you can start your business marketing and advertising. However, a community of people of every age shares different content types on a niche, from goofy dogs videos to a student’s life. Any content niche can go viral on the TikTok platform for your new account.

You must first know that after starting your new account, make sure that your TikTok makes a productive result by going viral. It offers every video a chance to display the small audience on the For You Page(FYP). Even if you have 0 followers, you need not bother much as your videos can go viral on your new TikTok accounts. It continues to drive out among more people as you can create hype for the first few minutes if you have a trending video for your posts. In this article, you will understand different ideas on how to go viral on TikTok for your new account.

PayMeToo: Ideas On How To Go Viral On TikTok With A New Account?

Start Your Video With Boom

Today, TikTok encounters faster-developing apps where you can pull audiences’ attention before swiping your video to watch every other content. If there’s no action till the conclusion, several people won’t look. Instead, establish the tone and niche of the video using the first few seconds so that followers know what they like to watch.

Video Length Must Be Short

If you are narrating a lengthy story, you need to make a complete video with short and precise content. Then make sure that your video works to the point. The TikTok works at the optimal length of watch time while comparing it with the size of the video by evaluating the quality. For example, you can have followers watch at least eight seconds of ten-second videos rather than 48-seconds of a minute-long one.

Make Use Of Viral Music Or Sounds

Are you struggling to trigger your engagement on the TikTok profile? If so, trending TikTok posts bring more huge audiences to your new profile. After that, start to buy TikTok views that accelerate your business accounts. Suppose you plan to make a voiceover; it is always best to add trending music to your TikTok videos. You should possibly select the relevant songs, yet TikTok is the right social media platform where viewers feed off the trends. Thus, it is much simpler to perform well if you use the latest trending songs. Always use a song in the background using a voiceover too.

Pro Tip: If you like to use your customized song, TikTok will not let it. You can post with customized audio, choose a song and establish your second song to 0 volume.

Narrate A Story

Dances can go trending rather than stories for your TikTok new account. Let us make an authentic TikTok. If you have remarkable skills or are an engaging dancer, your dance videos can go viral on TikTok for your new account. You can go viral by narrating a fascinating and charming story as it can be effective. Start to make viral content on TikTok videos using fascinating factors that occur in your life. Make a viral event that random things that happened during your daily time. So, narrate a story and make the plot flow fastly.

Make A Stronger Call-To-Action

TikTok has several audiences to make their comments, likes, and views on their trending videos. Therefore, it will organically drive engagement and traffic among the different people. So, the next big thing is to use effective CTAs for your TikTok video to go trending that helps to increase your following. Even add some captions or at the end of your video with attractive CTAs. For example, follow on, swipe up, or check more are some of the best CTAs. Also, look at the adorable video to make your video that gains more followers and views by going trending.

Try To Post Consistently

You can start to become viral on TikTok using the number game. The most often you post, there are possible chances to make your TikTok post viral. Don’t compromise on quality, as it helps to drive consistency on TikTok videos. It helps your TikTok videos to reach better, and you can go trending among your competitors.


Fine! These are the best ideas from PayMeToo on how to go viral and trend on TikTok with your new account. I’m sure that your new TikTok profile will gain more engagement rate among your followers by following these strategies. Thanks for reading this article.